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- 04/10/2024

Lunch & Learn – The Future of the Cosmetic Industry: Challenges & Opportunities

HPC Today

H&PC TODAY journal, of TKS publisher, invites you to participate in a round table at Suppliers’ day  (New York) discussing challenges and opportunities in the Cosmetic Industry: for more information see below.


The cosmetics industry continually provides products that elevate beauty, boost confidence, and deliver pivotal skincare advantages. Yet, it’s imperative to underscore the significant responsibility this industry holds: safeguarding the health of consumers and the environment. In recent times, the cosmetics arena has witnessed a series of transformative events, primarily driven by evolving regulations that have mandated a rethinking of traditional formulations and ingredients. These transformative events stem from heightened regulatory pressures to eliminate hard-to-replace ingredients, such as ethoxylated compounds, sunscreens, and silicones. Additionally, challenges arise from retailers, consumers, and NGOs urging the removal of non-easily substitutable ingredients, including preservatives, colorants, and chelating agents. A notable obstacle is the constraint on testing, especially as the industry grapples with innovation amidst bans on animal testing and the absence of adequate alternatives.

There’s an industry-wide push towards sustainability, seeking to ensure products are environmentally friendly without compromising on performance, affordability, or sales. Amidst these challenges, potential solutions are considered. The exploration of alternative ingredients is paramount, focusing on both current options and forecasting future innovations. A spotlight will also be cast on the transformative power of technologies like AI, elucidating its role in ingredient sourcing, product development, and safety evaluations. Attendees of this roundtable discussion can anticipate a wealth of insights. They will acquire an in-depth grasp of the shifting dynamics of the cosmetics industry, empowering them to make well-informed decisions and produce safer, more efficient products.

The discussion will also delve into the potential of disruptive technologies like AI, aiding attendees in optimizing their operations. Furthermore, participants will gain clarity on current and upcoming regulations, ensuring they remain agile in their responses. The event also promises ample networking opportunities, fostering new professional relationships and collaborations. In essence, this roundtable serves as a compass, guiding stakeholders through the intricate maze of the cosmetics industry. With Perry Romanowski at the helm as the moderator, participants are set to embark on an enlightening journey, comprehending the industry’s past, present, and potential future trajectories.


Lunch is included with registration. Moderator:  Perry Romanowski, Vice President – Element 44 Inc.




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