Nutricosmetics & Beauty from within in the challenging scenario of COVID-19


Roelmi HPC, Origgio, Italy


Nutricosmetics business volume keeps on growing, with an expected turnover over 8.5B$ within 2027, registering a CAGR of 5%.

Despite of COVID-19 related slow-down of cosmetic market, 2020 gave a push to nutricosmetics one: people have changed their needs indeed, as a result of limitation in pursuing personal goals in term of beauty and well-being. Customers addressed then to alternative solutions for their personal beauty routine, to keep on achieving anti-aging and healthy skin results, especially through e-commerce.

Hyaluronans and probiotics based nutricosmetics, thanks to refined technologies, help deliver efficacy and quick results. 

Further, IN&OUT innovative approaches clinically prove to enhance skin benefits.

Nutricosmetics versatility meets customer’s renewed awareness and its “new normal”, now oriented to prevention and tangible results over-time.

In the market of 2020, despite the “Nutricosmetic” term is quite new, the related business volume is consolidated and keeps growing. This year showed a market global value around 5.5B$, and the turnover is expected to grow over 8.5B$ within 2027, with a 5% CAGR (1).


Europe accounts for the leading market share owing to high penetration of nutricosmetics. Asia-Pacific region and South America, whose income levels are rising, are emerging markets expected to witness high growth rate in the demand for oral skin care products (1).


Most consumers have embraced beauty from within as an important strategy to support healthy aging through skin, hair and nail care. 

Now, consumers feel more responsible for their well-being; indeed, they adopt proactive, holistic and conscious approaches, aiming to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and functional support not only from diet, but also from dietary supplements.


There is now a higher demand for naturally sourced products. Skin health ingredients have to be effective and deliver a “feel the benefit ...