Destination: beauty inspiration


PROVITAL, Barberà del Vallès, Spain


In Provital we are globetrotters, we visit the countries where beauty trends and innovations start, we buy and try disruptive products. That’s why we are experts in trends and we can inspire you with the latest hits in the beauty industry. Enjoy the trip with us!!

Welcome to this beauty tour around the world. In the different stopovers we will see the influx of Gen Z, the new ways to well-being and the key importance of textures, essential for the whole caring experience.


The influence of Generation Z is everywhere, and in personal care consumers search for vibrant and positive experiences and communications, as this generation prioritises fun, authentic advertisement and tik-tokable textures.


The approach to skin issues has to be positive, like Starface and its Micro-cloud patches to treat pimples in the cutest possible way; the patches are blue and with the shape of a cloud. Florence by Mills, always a disruptive brand has the eye contour patches Surfing under the eyes, blue-coloured and wave-shaped blue patches.


Textures become hyper-tactile, and slugging options that hug the face are everywhere. Take a look at Experiment and its Supersaturated formulas or Future Wise and its range named Slugging System. From Korea, Too Cool for School also claims the slugging effect of its already existing Egg Mellow Cream in the communication. F ...