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- 10/24/2023

Tekno Scienze celebrates 40 years of excellence with new logo and pay-off: “Science Based, Industry Driven”

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today
[Barcelona, October 23] – Tekno Scienze (from now on indicated as TKS), a renowned publisher in the scientific and chemical industries, marked its remarkable 40-year journey in a grand celebration. Esteemed guests and influential figures gathered to commemorate the company’s evolution from its founding in 1983 to its thriving current state, featuring the unveiling of TKS fresh logo and inspiring pay-off: “Science Based, Industry Driven”. Carlo Intini, the majority shareholder, warmly welcomed the attendees and took a brief trip from January 21st, 1983, when Professor Carla Scesa, Dr. Gianna Lorenzini, and Professor Luciano Caglioti joined hands to establish TKS. Their visionary initiative laid the foundation for a company that remains vibrant and successful after four decades. Carlo, citing the Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie’s wisdom, “You never pay attention to what has been done; you only see what remains to be done,” underlined that TKS has continually adapted to meet the ever-evolving needs of its readers.


A special moment was reserved for a heartfelt appreciation of Silvana Maini, who, despite no longer being in an operational role, remains a valuable business partner, offering invaluable guidance to the company. Carlo officially announced the symbolic handover of leadership, marking the beginning of a new era for TKS. Gayle De Maria, Senior Editorial Manager, Simona Rivarollo, Senior Sales Manager, and Tullio Parrella, Senior Marketing Manager, will now collectively steer the company towards a bright future, capitalizing on their years of dedication and expertise that have driven the company’s growth.


Gayle De Maria, in her address, elaborated on TKS mission and vision, emphasizing the significance of its journals as essential resources for a global readership, encompassing scientists, marketing and sales managers, and CXOs. Particular attention was given to Chemistry Today journal, lauded for its role as a fount of the latest information and technologies while maintaining rigorous scientific standards. The relevance of TKS content across various domains was highlighted, from Fine Chemicals and Pharma to Flow Chemistry and Biotechnology, showcasing the company’s commitment to delivering expert insights through panel discussions, columns, and highly scientific articles. Furthermore, other TKS journals were spotlighted, including Agro Food Industry Hi-tech, HPC Today, Beauty Horizons, and Nutra Horizons, which collectively provide comprehensive coverage of the scientific and chemical industries, bridging the gap between scientific expertise and industrial application, and contributing to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of a more sustainable world.


Simona Rivarollo, Senior Sales Manager, emphasized that TKS has remained “science for industry” for four decades, serving over 500 Fine Chemicals, Pharma, Cosmetics, and Nutraceuticals clients across the globe. TKS innovative approach was highlighted in supporting clients with tailored media solutions, underlining the company’s commitment to sustainability. The event also celebrated TKS successful line of events, CFRT and IOPC, born from the need of international clients to create remarkable product launches and remain updated on the latest scientific innovations. TKS’s scientific DNA has been the secret ingredient behind the long-standing reputation of these events, with the recent conclusion of the 14th edition of CFRT and the 4th edition of IOPC.

Tullio Parrella, Senior Marketing Manager, introduced the next phase of TKS journey, focusing on digital transformation. Tullio shared the company’s commitment to innovation, introducing a multi-channel approach focusing on a 10


To conclude the welcome speech, the new logo and pay-off were introduced as first step of this new era. The red line of the logo as fil rouge of TKS path and the new pay-off as evolution of TKS commitment to deliver high-quality scientific information driven by industry needs, contributing to a more sustainable world: Science Based, Industry Driven.


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Tekno Scienze is a leading publisher in the scientific and chemical industries, dedicated to providing cutting-edge information and insights to a global readership. With a commitment to scientific rigor and excellence, Tekno Scienze’s journals are trusted sources for professionals, researchers, and industry leaders. The company’s mission is to share knowledge and contribute to a more sustainable world.