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- 01/26/2017

Crystallization in Process Chemistry: New White Paper From METTLER TOLEDO

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

autochem-applicationsMETTLER TOLEDO has announced the availability of a new white paper on Crystallization in Process Chemistry by Applying Simple PAT Tools.

Crystallization is a common step used during the synthesis of organic compounds to isolate and purify the desired product.  Chemists now spend more time developing better intermediate and final crystallization steps.  By adopting simple Process Analytical Technology (PAT) tools, new insights into crystallization in process chemistry can now be unlocked without requiring a high level of expertise.

This white paper discusses how process chemists are applying simple PAT tools to:

  1. Identify polymorphs during crystallization development
  2. Recognize and address oiling out (phase separation)
  3. Understand factors affecting crystal size, shape, and structure
  4. Measure the influence of cooling rate on crystal size and shape

The white paper was written for process chemists in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries as well as academia.