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- 01/10/2017

IBR-Snowflake® works like Botox on wrinkles…and sweat

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IBR- Snowflake®: NEW DIMENSION IN ANTI-AGING BENEFITS – a novel, unique & multisided approach

  • Slow down aging: DORMINs effect
  • Boost natural skin defenses: enhance Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD) production
  • Skin lightening: slowdown of melanocytes proliferation and melanin synthesis inhibition
  • Anti-wrinkle: smoothen the skin and reduce wrinkles, relax muscle cells (Botox-like)
  • *NEW* – antiperspirantreduction in sweating (Botox-like)
IBR snowflakes leucojum aestivum aqueous bulbBased on the precedent Botox-like anti wrinkle effect of IBR-Snowflake, and in analogy with the use of Botox as treatment against excessive sweating,  as an antiperspirant effect was shown with IBR-Snowflake.


IBR-Snowflake decrease perspiration by 36% after seven days of repeated twice a day applications


For dry, lighter, smooth & flawless skin use in face, body and under arm products