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- 04/04/2017

Nutra days – Italy at the first place per capita spending in nutraceuticals

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech


nutradays The third edition of NUTRA Days (formerly called NUTRA DAY), a conference focused on Nutraceuticals organized by the British company Cum Grano Salis Ltd, took place on March 28th, 2017 at the Meeting area of the Swiss Center of Via Palestro in Milan.

Representatives of important Italian institutions (FederSalus, UTIFAR, Federfarma Lombardia, Sinut, SIMG) participated actively in the conference program.

The morning session started with Dr Filippo Boschetti, Head of Marketing, Strategy & Innovation – Consumer Health, QuintilesIMS Italia, who presented an overview of the Italian nutraceutical market, which from 2014 until 2016 has increased its value of 7,4%, becoming a strategic driver of the Consumer Health market. This thanks to multivitamins, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular supplements. According to QuintilesIMS Italia, the market is growing moreover thanks to increasing recommendations of doctors: paediatricians, gynaecologists and cardiologists are among the specialists who mainly recommend these products to their patients, and 90% of GPs declared to advice food supplements in their daily practice.

The second speaker of the morning was Dr Federico Ghizzoni, Cavaliere del Lavoro, Unicredit former CEO, who highlighted the many positive aspects of the nutraceuticals field which should be an encouragement for start-ups that are still semi-unknown to the banks but can already benefit from the growing stock of Italian financial institutions.

During the panel discussion on “The Future of Nutraceuticals in Italy”, the speech of the economist Ghizzoni was really appreciated, stressing that opening the horizons and not be self-referential is a sign of progress. Dr Leopardi, President of Utifar, urged not to leave the citizen by himself on the web, but to take him to the pharmacist for advice. Dr Racca, President of Federfarma, called for rules to support innovation, while Dr Cicero, President of Sinut, would like plurisponsor nutraceutical training events for doctors. The representative of SIMG, Dr Medea, stressed the fact that GPs need evidence that can only result from appropriate studies, even with supplements treatments. Federsalus, according to its President Testa, is promoting specific courses to disseminate overall knowledge and the correct approach for supplements use.

In the afternoon, Prof Giorgio Colombo, University of Pavia, explained how to pass from a drug-economy to a nutra-economy, stressing that big data in healthcare and position papers can compensate for the missing scientific papers in the nutraceutical literature.

Then was the turn of two speakers: Prof Magni (Univ. of Milan) and Dr Felisi (specialist) who presented clinical evidence on the role of the intestinal microbiota and Monacolin K on hypercholesterolemia and Cardiovascular risk. This speech was sponsored by Montefarmaco OTC. A representative of Agro Food Industry Hi Tech journal pointed out that scientists and companies need to collaborate with EFSA and follow its guidelines in order to make it in the health claims market. Prof Magni explained how during their study they took into consideration EFSA suggestions in order to submit in the future their heath claim.

Finally, D Adina Frasin, dermatologist, spoke of nutricosmetics, stressing that the best protection is given by the combination of topical and oral solar products. This speech was sponsored by Difa Cooper.

Prof Martina, moderator of the event, during his afternoon opening, expressed his intention to invite EFSA to next year’s event and we are eager to listen to what they are going to say concerning nutraceuticals and health claims. So keep tuned for the 4th edition of Nutra days!