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- 11/22/2016

Performance by design: Gelita smart technology

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech


GELITA BärHiE Frankfurt, booth H14: GELITA presents Collagen Proteins Smart Technology range offering a combination of functional and technological benefits and improved processing performance.

At the HiE trade show in Frankfurt, Germany (29 November–1 December), GELITA will present the first in a new series of SMART TECHNOLOGY solutions: Collagen Peptides ST is a range of enhanced ingredients that brings an optimized performance level and an improved processing performance to customers.

Dr Margarethe Plotkowiak, Head of Global Product Management Food at GELITA, notes: “In new product development, there are often limitations by process parameters of existing equipment. These difficulties can be related to dissolution or, for example, undesired foaming. The ST product range was developed to overcome these hurdles. This not only enables manufacturers to run more stable, controlled and optmized processes, it also facilitates the creation of new products without these previous limitations and without investing in new production facilities.”

Building on GELITA’s existing product range Collagen Peptides ST provide physiological functionalities and technological functionalities. Both exhibit improved process performance, namely less dust during handling, fewer clumping issues during dissolution, improved wettability and higher bulk densities. For the customer, this means improved production, optimized machinability and the ability to develop new and exciting products.

Potential applications include the fortification of clear, high-protein gummies with a protein content of up to 35%, and as a nutritious binding agent in cereal bars or coated products. The optimized bulk density means it’s now possible to significantly increase the amount of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that for example can be included in a hard capsule shell. Furthermore, depending on the product and process requirements, viscosity and drying times can be adjusted to provide optimal results. Of course, in line with GELITA’s existing portfolio, ST products are non-allergenic and can be used to achieve a clean and clear label.

With new products being added to the portfolio on a regular basis, don’t miss this opportunity to discover more about GELITA’s SMART TECHNOLOGY solutions and its market-leading collagen proteins.

Live on Stage

As official sponsor of the Hi Europe Conference (Modul 6A:” Healthy ageing: staying active for longer” on 30 November, 14:00–15:30), GELITA’s leadership in collagen peptide science is reflected in this year’s event. During this session, Dr Steffen Oesser, Director, Collagen Research Institute (CRI), will discuss “The Collagen Peptides Story: The Next Chapter” at 15:00. He will explore how collagen peptides can reduce some of the side-effects of ageing and help people to lead more active lives for longer.

In addition, Dr. Stephan Hausmanns, Vice President BU Health & Nutrition at GELITA, will present “Collagen Peptides in an Awakening Age of Women” in the Seminar Theatre (Stand D82) on Wednesday 30 November at 13:30. Topics to be covered include the global market for collagen peptides, applications such as beauty from within and bone and joint health, their mode of action and supporting science.