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- 11/17/2023

ABAlife®: Innovative Approach to Blood Glucose Management and Health Enhancement

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ABAlife®, a fig extract standardized in abscisic acid (ABA), effectively lowers the glycemic index (GI) of high-GI foods even at low dosages like 100 and 200 mg., playing a pivotal role in metabolic health management (1). ABA binds to LANCL2 receptor and initiates cellular signaling and an enzyme cascade that increases the expression and membrane translocation of a glucose transporter protein (GLUT-4) (2).


Understanding the dietary impact on blood glucose is crucial. ABAlife® effectively manages the glycemic response, particularly after consuming high GI foods, by increasing glucose uptake and enhancing insulin sensitivity in skeletal muscles (2).


Recent studies reveal ABA’s potential in sports nutrition. Low-dose oral ABA improves physical performance, increases muscle glycogen, and enhances glucose tolerance in animal models, suggesting its utility for athletes to stabilize glucose levels and boost endurance (2, 3).


Regulating blood glucose through low-GI foods significantly impacts brain functions as well, with studies linking low-GI diets to improved cognitive functions in the elderly (4).


ABAlife® is GRAS and its versatility extends to various food and beverage applications:


  • Brain Health: Integrated into supplements or foods, it enhances mental acuity without typical blood sugar fluctuations.
  • Anti-Aging: Employed in anti-aging products, it mitigates the negative effects of high-GI diets on skin and overall health.
  • Energy Nutrition: In energy bars and drinks, it offers sustained performance enhancement without high-GI side effects.
  • Weight Management: As a key ingredient in weight management strategies, it reduces appetite-inducing blood sugar spikes.
  • Low-GI Bakery Products: Added to bakery items like muffins, it significantly lowers their GI, appealing to health-conscious consumers.


Additionally, ABAlife®’s efficacy can be augmented when combined with other compounds. For instance, clinical data suggest Pomanox®, a potent natural pomegranate extract, promotes physical and cognitive performances, effectively reduces body fat, increases lean body mass, and controls appetite (5-8). A standard dose of 700 mg is recommended for optimal results, however lower dosages may be effective when combined with synergistic compounds such as ABAlife®.


Together, ABAlife® and Pomanox® offer a comprehensive approach to enhance mental and physical performance while managing metabolic health, thereby promoting long-term wellness and vitality.


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