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- 10/17/2023

Accelerated & real-time stability testing + particle sizing for cosmetics & HPC formulators – Booth D623

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As diverse as the cosmetic and HPC formulations and products are, LUM instruments are just as diverse, allowing you to maintain your top sellers, improve existing ones and formulate new products. 

The characterization of particle properties such as size distribution and particle density play an important role for raw materials. Understanding the Hansen solubility/dispersibility parameters of particles is becoming increasingly popular for better formulation. 

The STEP-Technology® realized with two complementary physical approaches results in the ideal combination for the analysis in the product formulation and testing of cosmetics, household and personal care products based on emulsions and suspensions. 

Due to market demands, cosmetics and HPC products are typically formulated to be stable and very stable against separation, so here the methods for accelerating the evaluation of long-term stability apply. Accelerated stability testing with LUM instruments applies either physical acceleration by higher gravity and/or elevated constant and cycling temperature testing. 

LUM instruments work according to the relevant ISO standards and guidelines for determining particle size distribution and testing dispersion stability. 


Bonding strength for coatings and composites: 

Determine the adhesion of nail polish to substrates (e.g., fingernails, toenails), plasters and medical tape to artificial skin, or the composite strength of valuable cosmetic packaging materials with the same LUM centrifugal tensile testing machine. Appropriate standards apply. 


LUM analyzers have been produced in Berlin, Germany since 1994. The company was founded by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dietmar Lerche and is to this day family-run.  

In addition to the headquarters in Berlin and subsidiaries in China (Suzhou), Japan (Tokyo), USA (Boulder, CO) and France (Paris), LUM cooperates with certified sales partners worldwide.