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- 03/22/2024

ACI Survey: Nearly 9 in 10 Americans Connect Cleaning to Well-Being

HPC Today

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans (87 percent) feel their best, both mentally and physically, when they have a clean home, according to survey data released by the American Cleaning Institute (ACI).

During National Cleaning Week (March 24 – 30, 2024) ACI is shedding light on the meaningful connection between mental health and cleaning.

ACI’s research shows that cleaning – or the lack of cleaning – and the state of our physical environment can play an important role in how Americans feel. According to the survey, conducted by Wakefield Research, 70 percent of Americans find that having a clean home gives them a sense of accomplishment, as well as enhancing one’s mood (66 percent), increasing productivity (63 percent) and decreasing stress and anxiety (60 percent).

“We know that cleaning means so much more now than it used to. In everyday life, we see that cleaning is caring,” said Brian Sansoni, ACI Senior Vice President of Communications and Outreach. “We know that cleaning can contribute to our physical health, from washing our hands with soap and water to properly cleaning and disinfecting to prevent the spread of germs that can make us sick.

“There is just something about having clean and organized spaces around us that puts a spring in our step. ACI’s survey shows that 70 percent of Americans find that having a clean home gives them a sense of accomplishment.”

Cleaning doesn’t just enhance the physical space; it can also positively affect our relationships. In fact, 60 percent of Americans report feeling more attracted to their partner when they take the initiative to clean their home. Not to mention, nearly half (49 percent) of college students said they would be likely to walk out on a date if they saw that their significant other’s room was a mess.