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- 05/03/2022

Atlantia investigates the effect of a probiotic on body composition and weight management

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Currently, visceral adipose tissue accumulation is a key research issue due to its relation to metabolic disturbances, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

This study highlights how Atlantia developed and performed a study evaluating the outcome of probiotics supplementation in body composition and weight management reviewed using DXA scans.

Atlantia’s world-beating team of researchers and nutritionists worked in close alliance with the sponsors’ researchers to develop and deliver the objectives of the study. In Europe, Ireland has one of the highest rates of obesity.

The percentage of people who were categorized as obese or overweight in 2015 was 60% (Irish Health Survey), which has since risen to 62% in 2017 (CSO).

The Cork-based research clinic Atlantia owns and operates is determined to be a prime location to recruit subjects classified as overweight within the sponsor’s expected timeline. The company’s expertise in measuring VAT by DXA was also a critical factor in the basis of this project. Learn more about the effect of probiotics in weight management through this clinical case study tailored by the Atlantia team.