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- 07/30/2019

BASF’s Agricultural Solutions Divisions launches for the first time in Europe its blockchain project for rice production

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Traceability in the agri-food industry is key to consumer confidence. Blockchain technology can bring the needed high level of transparency, using a shared database for the secure saving, storage and transfer of data. In partnership with specialized digital start-up Ez Lab and rice grower Coppo and Garrione, BASF launches its first blockchain project for rice production in Italy. The “Riso Chiaro” project traces data from the rice grain to sowing and harvesting, providing transparency from the grower to the end-consumer.

“I am very proud to present today for the first time this innovative block-chain project, which contributes to defend and further evaluate the Italian rice and its growers,” said Alberto Ancora, Head of Business Management South Europe and Country Head of BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division in Italy “As part of the value chain, we have the responsibility to promote new models granting and certifying good cultivation practice, origin and quality of the “made in Italy” rice. We succeed by combining our competences with the ones of our project partners to  promote a sustainable agriculture. This initiative is promoted by BASF’s Agricultural Solutions Division with the aim of protecting and promoting Italian rice production: a true excellence in terms of quality and quality, given that Italy is the most important rice producer in Europe (49% of the whole European production). To develop this innovative project, BASF is collaborating with Coppo and Garrione Farm – Piedmont excellence with 1000 hectares of rice grown – and with EzLab, start-up from Padua specialized in advanced digital solutions for the SmartAgriFood sector.

For “Riso Chiaro” project, rice grower Coppo and Garrione uses the AgriOpenData software – provided by Ez Lab – that uses blockchain technology to collect and save various data, including details on the geography of the land, the varieties planted or measures like irrigation, fertilization or use of crop protection products. The grower can improve the transparency of production processes and then transfer this information to all interested parties along the value chain, ideally all the way to the end-consumer, to promote the excellence of his product. Soon BASF will make Riso Chiaro available for all the parties who will want to use blockchain technology in the agri-food field, therefore promoting this significant innovation in Italy. 


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