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BEAUTY HORIZONS is the natural evolution of a huge wealth of knowledge that TKS Publisher has gained along almost 40 years of activity in scientific communication.

With its quarterly, international d-issues*, BEAUTY HORIZONS offers focused, high-quality contents by collecting latest news and hot topics belonging to the beauty industry world.

The added value is its articles and adverts, created with the aim of sparking an interest in the readers so to start an immediate business relationship. Every page actually allows an INSTANT INTERACTION by browsing up and down and discovering interactive elements and additional contents like videos, pop-ups, sister-pages, etc… in order to make useful details as much complete as possible and - above all – to provide the fastest way to connect to the right person/s.

All this is possible also thanks to a WINNING COMBINATION OF DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS that reaches a worldwide, targeted, loyal audience embracing senior managers, buyers, and innovative managers.

Last but not least, BEAUTY HORIZONS is RESPONSIVE: whether you are on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can read it for free online.

NB: For the best experience we recommend to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

*To be released in March, July and November. Besides these international d-issues, BEAUTY HORIZONS has on its schedule 6 additional d-issues entirely devoted to the Italian beauty field. Learn more.

For further info on the editorial plan and article submission, contact us!

ISSUE 1 / 2020 WW

Clean Beauty, Skin Care

There is not a moment in our life that is not delimited by a horizon line, and every moment in our life we are summoned to focus on that line, try to reach it, or even decide to stay put and just look at it from a distance. There is not a moment in our life... 

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