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*To be released in March, July and November. Besides these international d-issues, BEAUTY HORIZONS has on its schedule 6 additional d-issues entirely devoted to the Italian beauty field. Learn more.

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ISSUE 3 / 2021 WW

Nature richness at the service of cosmetic ingredients,
an open-innovation approach

Cosmetics has a long story to tell, on how people have used different natural ingredients to paint their skin, or to protect it from sun or wind, definitely discovering the importance and the benefits of hygiene. Attracted from beauty, humans have unconsciously opened the way to a new science, that represents... 

ISSUE 2 / 2021 WW

Can beauty products be personalized?

Personalized beauty continues to be a hot trend in the cosmetic industry. Numerous marketers are promising to provide consumers with products designed specifically for them. These include products like skin care targeted to different skin types based on a consumer’s personal microbiome or even their DNA. There are also hair care companies selling products created for consumers based on information from... 

ISSUE 1 / 2021 WW

Beauty care and Industry 4.0: a cosmetic revolution?

It is a beautiful, sunny day and I decide to treat myself to a nice walk. Before going out, I check my favourite weather App, which gives all sort of weather information, including the amount of UV rays I could be exposed to, while another App I have on my phone tells me the most suitable sun protection I need after scanning my skin – just an everyday common situation of life 4.0... 

ISSUE 1 / 2020 WW

Clean Beauty, Skin Care

There is not a moment in our life that is not delimited by a horizon line, and every moment in our life we are summoned to focus on that line, try to reach it, or even decide to stay put and just look at it from a distance. There is not a moment in our life...