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- 06/08/2023

Biocodex becomes the sole shareholder of TargEDys

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TargEDys and Biocodex are partners since 2019, when Biocodex became a shareholder and board member of TargEDys. Soon after, Biocodex became the distributor of TargEDys’ leading PreciBiomic, Symbiosys Satylia®, in France, then in Portugal and Poland. Now, the French family company has acquired 100% of TargEDys’ shares, to consolidate the group’s strong ambition in the Microbiome and accelerate TargEDys’ development globally.

Symbiosys Satylia® is a precision probiotic supplement based on Hafnia alvei HA4597®with a deeply characterized mechanism of action at the molecular level: it increases the feeling of fullness thanks to the ability of the protein ClpB to mimic the satiety hormone alpha-MSH. Its efficacy was demonstrated in a clinical trial involving 230 overweight adults. It is a new, natural, safe, and effective solution to weight management and a multi-award winner – including Best Probiotic of the Year 2021 by the internationally-recognized NutraIngredients Awards.

“This integration within Biocodex will be an enabler of TargEDys’ mission, to bringing the Microbiome to the heart of healthcare, and increase awareness on its unique strains portfolio with scientifically proven efficacy”, stated Aurore MattonGeneral Manager of TargEDys.

“With the acquisition of TargEDys, we strengthen our ambition to become the leader in Microbiota care. We are happy to welcome a like-minded team with the common drive of  improving the health and well-being of women and men worldwide through microbiome-based innovations and education”, says Nicolas Coudurier, Chief Executive Officer of Biocodex.