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- 02/03/2017

Calcium – a vital ingredient for milk alternatives

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Omya offers high purity natural calcium carbonates for fortification purposes. With its high content of bioavailable elemental calcium (approximately 40%), the Calcipur® brand is one of the most concentrated and therefore efficient sources of calcium available. When producing plant-derived drinks based on soy, rice, oat, coconut or almond, the right particle size is critical to ensure stability and that sedimentation rates are as low as possible. Calcipur® 90 – KP is ideally suited for applications such as these. Available in different grades and particle sizes, it fits individual demands and achieves the best possible results in terms of nutrition and taste.

Duplicating milk-like properties in terms of colour and smooth mouthfeel can be challenging. Yet, thanks to its refractive index, Calcipur® 90 – KP has sucessfully been shown to significantly improve overall opacity. When it comes to ensuring an enjoyable drinking experience, it is vital to reduce calcium ingredient sedimentation to an absolute minimum. Here, the size of the particles is decisive to provide an ideal mouthfeel. With controlled surface properties and particle size, Omya’s calcium carbonate settles slower than comparable technical solutions. In addition, stabilizers help to further control sedimentation as they increase the viscosity. Calcipur® 90 – KP is compatible with all common stabilizing agents used in beverage formulations. It also works at different viscosities from low to high.

Omya is not just an expert supplier of calcium carbonate, it’s also a global distributor. The company has a wide range of versatile ingredients available, such as stabilizers, sweetening systems and flavors, which perfectly complement the calcium portfolio. As such, the company is able to support its customers with all-in-one solutions.

The growing desire for vegan options is a current driver and offers great potential for our business. Many consumers now eschew cow milk products because of ethical or intolerance reasons but don’t want to miss out on their nutritional benefits,” explains Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods at Omya. “Because of our formulation expertise and our wide-ranging ingredient distribution portfolio, we are able to develop non-dairy drinks that combine indulgence with a highly valuable nutritonal profile.”

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