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- 06/13/2022

Cerbios Pharma SA

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Cerbios Pharma SA ( is a Swiss Pharmaceutical Company with more than 40 years’ experience on manufacturing probiotics under pharmaceutical GMPs.


Our proprietary living strain E. Faecium SF68® has unique characteristics (pioneer probiotic, commensal, not enteropathogenic, supporting lactic flora, inhibitor of pathogenic germs) and, thanks to these, became, in Switzerland and some other Countries, market leader for treatment of diarrhea and dysbiosis, as drug product.


New findings on properties of probiotics and their role on management and treatment of different pathologies over gut (skin, metabolism, weight control, cardiovascular, immunity, CNS, etc.) induced Cerbios to further investigate and develop innovative formulations on these areas, supporting all new products with clinical and scientific evidences.


  • SF68® SKINActive: for treatment of acne and seborrheic dermatitis; based on concept of gut-skin axis, finished products in oral sachets; a published clinical trial confirms its efficacy and long-lasting activity.
  • SF68® IMMUNOBLASE: to boost your immune system, scientifically! A mix of vitamin, minerals and probiotic in oral sachets with demonstrated efficacy also against some respiratory virus and to increase response to vaccines.


Within 2022 will be also finalized new formulations to manage obesity (weight loss) and cholesterol, and to keep under control Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).


Please contact Mr. Federico Bianchi, Marketing and Sales Manager, to have more information, at