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- 06/17/2019

Design and Optimise your Chemical and Biochemical Processes with Ypso-Facto’s Software and Services

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At Ypso-Facto, we are convinced that the future of the fine chemicals and biochemicals industries lays in more digitally designed processes. To achieve this transformation, Ypso-Facto supports industrial companies with scientific consulting and software tools.

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Ypso-Facto, Your Process Secured and Optimized.

Ypso-Facto combines strong industrial experience and scientific expertise with a complementary know-how in chemistry, biochemistry and process engineering to develop efficient, robust and innovative processes.

Ypso-Facto commits to providing independent services and recommendations, irrespective of brands or companies. As an evidence of its aligned interests with its customers’, the company remains:

  • FREE from industrial property rights
  • FREE from production and laboratory assets
  • FREE from equipment manufacturing

Contract research and technical consulting

We offer global support for your production strategy based on a rational approach to industrial processes and a large experience in various technologies including chemical transformations and purifications.

We supply scientific consulting and analyses from the development of new concepts to the resolution of production issues.

For projects needing long or complex developments, we also propose full process development & design services.

Specific process simulation software

In addition, we develop a portfolio of powerful and user-friendly software applications to streamline industrial process design, development and optimization, including:

  • ChromWorksTM for chromatographic processes
  • Ypso-Ionic® for ion-exchange processes

And beyond

Ypso-Facto has embraced the development of a software suite to address processes in their entirety from R&D to production while involving all stakeholders in a structured manner.

If you need a smart and flexible approach to design and optimize robust processes, to capitalize on experimental results, user’s know-how and mechanistic modeling, reach out to Ypso-Facto!