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- 11/19/2018

Carbery – Discover the latest in Protein Innovation at HiE

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

New Ingredient Launch at HiE
Bifipro™ the new fermented dairy ingredient delivers a unique combination of high quality whey protein with prebiotic promoting properties.

Made with milk from grass fed Irish cows, Bifipro™ taps into consumer’s growing interest in high quality protein alongside the health benefits associated with enhancing a more positive gut microbiome.

Softer Protein Bars for Longer
Visitors to the stand will also be able to sample great tasting protein bars that contain Optipep® 4BARS and remain softer over shelf-life while delivering a superior eating experience.

Exciting Flavour Profiles for Protein Concepts
Carbery will also showcase a variety of high protein concepts with exciting flavour profiles such as speculoos, iced coffee and tiramisu. The trending flavours (discovered by Synergy’s Flavors of the Future report) were specifically developed for protein applications by Synergy Flavours, a member of the Carbery Group.

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