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- 03/28/2024

EHRFELD – Establishing Micro and Millireactors worldwide

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today


Last week, in the presence of our shareholders Mr. Guoyan Ji, Mr. Sheng Ji and Mr. Jessen Gu from Shaoxing Eastlake in China, we witnessed a significant change in our corporate family with a wistful but also exciting heart. After intensive years in which we have achieved milestones and mastered challenges together, like the commissioning of the first Miprowa production reactor with a capacity of 10.000 tons/year or the opening of our subsidiary in Shanghai, China, we are now facing a change in management. Mr. Guoyan Ji, President of Shaoxing Eastlake introduced together with Dr.-Ing. Joachim Heck, Managing Director of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik Dr.-Ing. Rafael Kuwertz as our new Managing Director. Rafael brings with him impressive experience and a fresh perspective that will undoubtedly take our company forward. His commitment to innovation, teamwork and excellence reflects exactly the values that drive us as a company. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr.-Ing. Joachim Heck for his outstanding leadership and tireless efforts. Under his leadership, we have grown enormously not only as a company, especially as a team. We wish him all the best for his well-deserved retirement and hope that he can enjoy his time with the family and his hobbies such as sailing or playing tennis. Under Rafaels leadership we will continue our path of success. We will reach new milestones on our pathway to establish our vision of Flow Chemistry as process technology in industry.