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- 11/26/2018

euxyl® K 830 wins 2nd prize of the Innovation Award at SEPAWA 2018 in Berlin

H&PC Today

euxyl® K 830 has been rewarded the 2nd prize of the Innovation Award at SEPAWA 2018 in Berlin as the  “New innovation in cosmetic preservation using the OCX Efficacy Enhancing System”.

euxyl® K 830 made its official launch and the first public presentation at the SEPAWA annual conference in October 2018. As a cosmetic preservative blend with outstanding quality, it offers a suitable solution for leave-on, rinse-off, wet wipes and sensitive applications.

schülke’s new product carries on the mission to keep cosmetic products free of microbial growth. With a strong fungicidal effect, it is developed to fit complex and challenging demands of customers’ formulations. The OCX – Efficacy Enhancing System is the product benefit that strengthens its competitive advantage over other competitor products.

The SEPAWA Innovation Award honours euxyl® K 830  in the categories of Personal Household, Personal Care and Fragrances. This is a significant recognition for schülke’s attempt in satisfying various needs of customers from a more innovative approach.


schülke’s journey with euxyl® K830 has just begun. Receiving considerable interests and positive feedback, we look forward to contributing to the improvement for our customers and achieving more success in the future.


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