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- 08/24/2023

Evonik REWOFERM® Biosurfactants: The Purity of Clean Surfaces and Natural in Hard Surface Care

HPC Today


Consumer concerns linger about COVID-19 and are still driving the demand for surface cleaning products, which has persisted beyond 2022. Consumer behaviors have changed as some people find comfort resonating with soothing, pandemic-borne home cleaning routines, but this behavior has shifted toward even more beneficial lifestyles.


For example, Kantar’s COVID-19 Barometer survey indicates that more than 50% of polled consumers have adopted healthier habits, from more nutritious and thoughtful eating habits to paying more attention to label claims and ingredients across all household products. More people choose milder and more eco-friendly products for consumer cleaning products that can also deliver the expected efficacy.


This post-pandemic lifestyle and changes in home cleaning regimes will require new approaches to the market; learn more about Evonik’s ingredients and green strategies for developing eco-friendly surface cleaning formulations.


See Evonik’s latest regional concept presentations, Natural in Surface Care: Solutions for Green Household Surface Cleaning Formulation for North America and The Purity of Clean Surfaces: REWOFERM® Biosurfactants on Hard Surfaces for EMEA.