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- 03/23/2017

FIC Shanghai: SOLACTIS Group confirms its developments in China

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SOLACTIS Group, specialist of bio-science based ingredients designed for human nutrition and animal feed companies, will participate to FIC (Food Ingredient China). The FIC is the major food ingredient exhibition in Asia. It will take place in Shanghai from March 24th to 26th.

SOLACTIS Group has been selected by organizers to present the recent innovation in microbiota science during a technical seminar on March 25th


Mr Ronfard Pascal (President) and Mr Kmicha Moez (Business Development Manager) will showcase the latest innovation achieved by SOLACTIS Group:  

  • Solactis® Galactofructose: a heritage ingredient with new health benefits

Groupe SOLACTIS is empowering the latest technique in microbiota science to develop health benefits of Galactofructose.

Galactofructose was the first NDC (Non-Digestible Carbohydrates) to obtain a EU health claim on transit reduction (EFSA opinion ID807), and achieved a South Korean health claim on reduction of pathogens.


More recently in end 2016 the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) has validated a general health claim regarding Non-digestible carbohydrates (Reg EU 854/2016): “Consumption of foods/drinks containing Galactofructose instead of sugars induces a lower blood glucose rise after their consumption compared to sugar-containing foods/ drinks.”

These easy to use health claims will offer solutions to food products manufacturers in China with a hot positioning on the over-weight, and also on energy management markets.

It will perfectly fit with applications such as high proteins yogurts, cereals bars, healthy snacking, functional & energy waters.


  • Solactis® SMO (Selected Milk Oligosaccharides):

SMO (Selected Milk Oligosaccharides) powder is an innovative product especially designed for infant nutrition. It is composed by a specific repartition of non-digestible saccharides with a unique set of polymerisation and lengths. Moreover, Solactis® SMO is the only NDO including in its composition 3 specific carbohydrates (Glucose, Fructose and Galactose) at the same time.

Solactis® SMO will provide a better gut diversification which will lead to an improvement of a multitude of health benefits (immunity, mineral & vitamin absorption, protection).

It is the first time that Solactis® SMO will be presented in Asia.

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