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- 05/02/2024

GELITA – PeptENDURE® – Run Stronger for Longer

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The sports nutrition market is dominated by protein products designed to support body shaping and muscle growth, as well as carbohydrates that promise short-term energy boosts for those participating in endurance sports such as running, swimming and cycling. However, thus far, there’s been a gap in the market for long-term nutritional support for athletes partaking in such activities. That’s why collagen specialist GELITA has developed the first endurance protein: PeptENDURE®.  

New dimension  

While products based on protein for weight management or body composition are widely available in the sports nutrition industry, traditionally, only carbohydrate- or electrolyte-based products for endurance performance have been used by athletes for events and competitions. PeptENDURE® is adding a new dimension to the market, as it helps athletes to achieve long-lasting improvements in endurance rather than a just short energy push during the race. 

Proven results 

The effects of PeptENDURE® are supported by two placebo-controlled studies. These trials showed that participants who took these Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP®) were able to run 14 per cent faster, which can basically be the difference between finishing fifth in a race or finishing first. This shows that PeptENDURE® can make a real difference to the performance of endurance athletes. 

Additional studies are now being conducted to further validate the positive effects of this new long-term performance solution. 

Everyday training partner 

To maximize the effects of PeptENDURE®, consumers should take 15g daily for at least 3 months, which is why manufacturers can position their product as “daily adaptation”. As many endurance athletes train specifically for competitions and may need additional nutrients during the preparation phase, it also makes sense to market PeptENDURE® in a competition bundle. The pure white powder has a neutral taste, can be combined with other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, and provides excellent bioavailability. PeptENDURE® can be used in a variety of applications including powders, ready-to-drink concepts, gels and sports bars. Its good solubility means it can be easily dissolved in water or added to foods such as yoghurts and smoothies.  


The benefits of these novel BCP® are highly suitable for participants in any sport that requires sustained performance – from endurance sports such as long-distance running and triathlons, to team sports including football and hockey, and high-intensity gym-based activities. This makes it appealing to a wide range of consumers who will potentially become brand-loyal by taking the product on a daily basis.