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- 04/19/2024

HELIOSCREEN – Change of identity – HelioScreen becomes WENEOS

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WENEOS, our new name for a broader mission


The identity of a company is manifested through its name, revealing its values and ambitions. Changing our name therefore represents a decisive moment that requires investment, dedication and a clear vision. Today, we are reinventing ourselves under the name WENEOS, a significant turning point which opens the way to an unprecedented chapter in our history, for which here are the reasons.

Originally, HelioScreen was founded in 1999 by Mr. Dominique LUTZ with the aim of allowing
companies to evaluate the sun protection of their cosmetic products via in vitro methods.

Over the last 10 years, under the leadership of new management by Mr. Sébastien MIKSA, our company has evolved towards a more global perspective, experiencing remarkable expansion. We have innovated our methods, expanded our team, strengthened our international presence and introduced new products and services. But one thing has remained constant: our mission, which is to enable companies of all sizes to ensure reliable assessment of sun protection, in accordance with international standards.

Thus, we have moved from a testing laboratory to a complete and unified center of expertise, bringing together all the services and products relating to the evaluation of sun protection using alternative methods.

Why choose WENEOS?


The name “HelioScreen”, evoking both the sun god “Helios” from Greek mythology and the idea of a screen, no longer fully reflected our activities and our commitments. Our mission has evolved and we needed a new name and branding to support this transition.

After examining hundreds of proposals, WENEOS was the obvious choice for our renewed mission. WENEOS comes from the fusion of words that characterize us:

“WE” for team spirit and our common goal of guaranteeing reliable and authentic sun protection to the consumer.

“NEO”, of Greek origin, meaning “New”, to highlight our significant innovations in improving evaluation methods.

“EOS”, goddess of dawn and sister of Helios, symbolizing the dawn of new advances in sun protection with an expanded perspective.