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- 12/16/2016

High purity minerals gain COSMOS seal

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Zahnb¸rste und Zahnpasta

tooth brush and paste Zahnbürste und Zahnpasta

Omyadent 100 – OG minerals for oral care products are now accredited by the non-profit ECOCERT Group with the COSMOS certificate for natural, organic and sustainable raw materials.
Sourced from calcium and processed using Omya’s patented technology, the tailor-made particles consist of a core of calcium carbonate and a shell of hydroxyapatite. Omyadent 100 – OG can be used as a toothpaste ingredient for remineralization and repair of microscopic defects, leading to a smoother and brighter tooth surface.  

Hydroxyapatite is the main constituent of both tooth enamel and dentin, so when used in toothpaste, it is able to repair microscopic damage. Omya’s natural calcium carbonate offers high purity and controlled low microbiology that reduces the risk of undesired interactions between trace elements and active ingredients to a minimum. Even in non-fluoride toothpaste formulations, the calcium carbonate stays active, helping to remineralize the teeth. Hydroxyapatite’s repairing action is based on the extra-large surface area of its particles, which enables Omyadent 100 – OG to reconstitute surface lesions in tooth enamel effectively while strengthening and remineralizing the dentin underneath. The repaired teeth become smoother and appear a brighter white.


Stefan Lander, Vice President for Consumer Goods at Omya, explains: “Thanks to our proprietary patented technology, we are able to offer highly innovative active ingredients with unique properties in dental care. The ECOCERT certification for Omyadent and other products in our Consumer Goods portfolio is a confirmation of Omya’s responsible practices and the stringent sustainable commitment of the corporation.”     

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