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- 02/04/2021

Imerys launches a new, sustainable and natural mica grade, ‘made in France’ for its Personal Care market: ImerCare ® 6M.

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Imerys is strengthening its position as the world’s leading supplier of specialty minerals, with
best-in-class operations, delivering commercial excellence and market-driven innovation.
Bolstered by a new organization structured around our core markets, mining resources, high
quality industrial assets, unrivaled technological and industrial processes, innovative solutions
and leading positions in most of our markets, we have many strengths to guarantee sustained
value creation for our key stakeholders.

Imerys is proud to present ImerCare ® 6M, a 100% natural, Cosmos-approved mica, produced in
France, which is ideal for powder foundations, eyeshadows and blushes. Compared to a
standard mica, ImerCare ® 6M has been specially engineered to confer high cohesiveness in
pressed powders, while ensuring good sensoriality, transparency and luminosity, suitable for all
skin colors.

Imerys’ mica is sourced from our operation in Brittany – France, where respect for the
environment has always been a key commitment. The operation has been ISO 14001 certified
for over ten years and is contributing to preserving the environment through a number of
important initiatives. These include making extensive use of recycled water during the
production process as well as outreach projects such as the supply of sand to rebuild local

Imerys operation site in Brittany – France is part of “La French Fab” which embodies companies
and industrial sites located in France who recognize themselves in the desire to develop French
industry, adhere to the concepts and values of La French Fab and fly their colors.
ImerCare ® 6M is a response to end users who increasingly seek for natural and sustainably
sourced ingredients for their products. One of the best examples of this trend is the rise of
“mineral make-up” products where natural mineral powders such as mica, kaolin and iron oxide
are the main ingredients.

Among these minerals, natural mica is particularly prized for its unique optical and physical

Imerys, the world leader in mineral specialties, is providing a natural and sustainable solution
with ImerCare ® 6M, a unique mica grade and an ideal base make-up ingredient, as it can be
incorporated at more than 70% in a compact powder formulation.

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