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- 04/11/2019

In a competitive field of new active ingredients, LOOK Oléoactif shines bright

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LOOK Oléoactif® (INCI: Oleic acid (and) Terminalia arjuna extract (and) Lecithin) from Hallstar Beauty is the first active ingredient based on the skin biomimetism concept of OSMOS™ that is dedicated to decreasing dark circles and eye bags, giving a fresher and younger look. The Global in-cosmetics organization named it the Silver Prize winner for 2019 Best New Ingredient.

“We were thrilled to receive this global recognition,” said Nathalie Lefebvre, Hallstar Beauty’s Product Manager for Active Naturals. “The unique eye-contouring benefits of LOOK Oléoactif® and the substantiated data we were able to provide clearly stood out among the many worthwhile new ingredient submissions this year.”

Obtained through patented Oléo-éco-extraction technology, LOOK Oléoactif® captures the protective, cardiotonic molecules from Terminalia arjuna, a miraculous Ayurvedic tree. Clinical tests in tuboand in vivo demonstrate that this award-winning active natural:

  • Restores skin thickness, firmness and elasticity, inhibiting 50% of elastase at 1% dose
  • Boosts microcirculation and decreases by 150% red dark circle pigmentation
  • Reduces blue pigmentation of dark circles by 3.5 times after 28 days
  • Diminishes eye puffiness volume by -4.35% after 28 days

LOOK Oléoactif® is oil-based, biomimetic, eco-designed, 100% vegetal, COSMOS-certified and totally safe, with proven efficacy at 1% dose.

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