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- 11/02/2023

Increasingly flexible and customized pharmaceutical production: the message from the OMRON Flexible Manufacturing Roadshow

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Milan, October 27th, 2023OMRON, global leader of industrial automation, concluded the third Italian leg of the European Flexible Manufacturing Roadshow on the 20th of October in Reggio Emilia. Consisting of three themed days on the Pharma, Automotive and Food&Beverage sectors plus a all-industry day that was open to the public, the event featured an exclusive presentation of OMRON’s advanced flexible manufacturing solutions, offering attendees the chance to experience and witness demonstrations not usually seen outside of a factory.

We managed to bring together all the most important managers and entrepreneurs together in these four days where we were able to have a dialogue about innovative and future-oriented topics: we achieved an incredible result both in terms of quality of content and number of participants thanks to partners and customers intervened as speakers such as GSK, Vodafone, Nokia, ISPE and Messe Frankfurt Italia,” says Chiara Rovetta, Field Communication Coordinator of OMRON. “Over the four days, we managed to involve and enjoy the presence of managers, entrepreneurs and automation specialists not only from our customers, but also from leading Italian companies from all markets, initiating constructive debates together with our Partners.

The moment dedicated to the pharmaceutical world was in particular sponsored by ISPE, International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, which during the event was able to present in results of its sixth survey dedicated to the implementation of Industry 4.0 in Pharma and the gradual transition to the 5.0 model, characterized by push factors such as compliance and the need to provide innovative, quality, effective, safe and cost-effective drugs in a timely manner, in a fully sustainable environment.

The topic was further discussed in a subsequent dedicated panel session featuring, among others, Nokia for Industries, Vodafone Business, GSK and Messe Frakfurt Italia as well as speakers of the caliber of Sandro De Caris, a consultant in computer systems validation.

The macrotrends of pharmaceutical manufacturing are clear: progressive reduction of batch sizes and simultaneous high customization of the same, based on the specific needs of the individual patient. This is the advent of flexibile manufacturing, modular production that allows for the shortest possible time from testing of new medicines to acceptance, approval by authority, and commissioning, so that it becomes scalable over time. There are several enabling technologies and at the heart of this s the world of Smart Robotics, especially mobile and collaborative robotics,” explains Michela Siena, Pharma Key Account Manager at OMRON.