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- 05/27/2020

Indena announces the successful completion of the registration of Escin, in accordance with the REACH regulation

HPC Today

Indena confirms its continuous improvement in the supply chain of Escin and Horse Chestnut derivatives, acknowledging the successful completion of the registration of ESCIN (INCI:  ESCIN; EC # 229-880-6, CAS # 6805-41-0, Registration 01-2120757334-53-0000) in accordance with the REACH regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 as lead registrant. 

So far Indena is the only company which has completed the full registration, following the pre-registration stage which ended in 2018. As such, the company has generated the relevant data including the complex chemical characterization, fully developed the technical dossier and successfully managed the submission of the registration dossier to ECHA.

“Escin and Horse Chestnut derivatives are of strategic importance in the realm of botanical active ingredients, being used in some of the best-selling products both in the Pharmaceutical and Personal Care markets. The full characterization presented at ECHA uniquely describes our product  – said Elena Uberti for Indena REACH Project.

The Horse Chestnut derivatives market is not a commodity-like arena, due to the necessary high-quality standards and analytical complexity of its products. With this registration, Indena reconfirms its global leadership in the segment, able to guarantee the highest expertise in sourcing, manufacturing and releasing Horse Chestnut derivatives.

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