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- 11/05/2017


HPC Today

Pollution is hitting our organisms with a growing impact. While all of us know about the harmful effects of pollution on our lungs, not everyone is aware of the impact that some pollutants can have on our skin. This is in fact the largest organ of our body, covering about two square meters surface, thus being a target for environmental pollutants. Among the most damaging elements, there are heavy metals constituents of a particulate able to act, even in tiny quantities, as catalysts in oxidation reactions, adversely affecting the skin. At the same time, there is a growing trend for skin protection in cosmetics and consumers’ interest for natural formulations protecting the skin against pollution damages: new challenges are open.

To meet these emerging needs, Indena has developed Vitachelox®, a selection of optimized botanical compounds that act as antipollution, skin protectant, free radical scavenger and chelating agents on various mechanisms triggered by the most common polluting agents. Indena assessed the efficacy of the single ingredients and their combinations.

Additional investigations are being carried on the potentially harmful effects of the blue lught, but associated with sun exposure as well as to indoor exposure to technological devices.

The safety profile and effectiveness of Indena extracts are supported by several experimental tests, which few other companies can provide in support of their products. The expertise and the approach to research and innovation has always been the hallmark of Indena, and has led the company to the production of the highest quality active ingredients of botanical origin for the pharmaceutical, health-food and personal-care sectors.

The new outcomes on the anti-pollution and new research on blue light protection properties of Indena Vitachelox® will be presented by Indena at SCS Formulate 2017, along with the sound portfolio of botanical standardized ingredients (as licorice, horse chestnut, centella asiatica and more) all backed by robust efficacy and safety studies.


Indena at SCS FORMULATE 2017: Stand 123



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