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- 03/20/2023


Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today



Indena’s Custom Development & Manufacturing Organization services offer a full range of manufacturing capabilities for pharmaceutical ingredients including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Such services include the extraction, isolation and purification of natural derivatives as well as the process R&D and manufacturing of Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (HPAPI) synthetic molecules . The combination of Indena’s expertise with state-of-the-art facilities allows the company to deliver products and processes from small-scale orders for GMP batches for clinical use to large commercial manufacturing supplies. Indena is a full-service provider and a reliable partner in the cGMP Contract Development and Manufacturing of APIs and HPAPIs. The company effectively supports both leaders and start-ups in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields, to achieve product success and guarantee patients a healthier life.


With the aim of providing customers with an increasing breadth of services, the company has been investing in cutting-edge technologies – and mainly in the expansion of its GMP plant and in the upgrade of the spray drying equipment already at the company’s plant. Moreover, with its highly specialized Quality Assurance system and Regulatory expertise, Indena is able to fulfill even the strictest requirements set by regulatory agencies.


With climate change among the most urgent sustainability challenges that people, governments and companies have to face today, the responsible use of energy must be a key element in any strategy we undertake. And Indena has always been oriented and committed to reducing fossil fuel consumption, saving energy and achieving high levels of energy self-production. These environmental goals are mainly achieved thanks to the company’s far-sighted plant management, starting from the most important site in Settala, near Milan in Italy, where Indena’s CDMO activities are carried out. Among the actions taken for a smart use of energy at the Settala site, a natural gas co-generator plant has been operational since 2016: it produces 16,566 MWh per year, in the form of both electric and thermal energy, and enables the company to avoid the use of 1,699 metric tons of oil equivalent (TOEs), which translates into 2,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions saved every year.


Moreover thanks to state-of-the-art photovoltaic panels, the company will self-produce a total of 5,013 MWh of renewable energy per year by 2023, saving the equivalent of 2,340 metric tons of CO2 in its European sites.