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- 02/24/2016

INDENA’s curcumin phospholipid (MERIVA®) gets gras status

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Indena has received another important acknowledgement supporting the safety profile of its products. Its curcumin phospholipid (Meriva®) obtained self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status for use as flavor, flavor enhancer, and/or as a nutrient ingredient in yogurt, smoothies, nutrition bars and medical foods.


The safety evaluation was undertaken by an expert panel in accordance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) safety criteria. It concluded that curcumin phospholipid products manufactured by Indena, and being used in accordance with the designated food uses and the use levels described, are GRAS.


The safety profile of Indena’s curcumin phospholipid (Meriva®) is supported by broad-based documentation, including animal studies, metabolism studies, estimated human exposure, in vitro studies and refined chemical characterization.


Meriva® is the most successful Phytosome® formulation ever developed by Indena among its nutraceutical ingredients. Supported by 22 clinical trials it is now proven to be safe for use in conventional food. In fact, safety and efficacy of our products have always been a strong commitment for Indena.” – commented Cosimo Palumbo, Sales Area Manager North America at Indena. – “Our expertise in research and innovation and our care throughout the manufacturing process ensure our customers those high quality standards needed to develop best in class products.”

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