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- 08/30/2017

INOLEX expands its alternative preservation portfolio with new product launch

H&PC Today

INOLEX continues to expand its Alternative Preservation portfolio with the addtion of Lexgard® O-LO to its Lexgard® Series.

Lexgard-LO is a low odor alternative to caprylyl glycol and is ideal for beauty brands interested in alternative preservation targeting a consumer segment with odor-sensitivity. A multifunctional bacteriostatic agent, Lexgard O-LO can be used as an alternative to traditional preservatives such as parabens and is ideal for fragrance free formulations. The product is manufactured using a unique, highly effective process that yields an ultra-low odor, an option increasingly favored by cosmetic companies seeking alternatives to traditional preservative systems. Lexgard O-LO has a broad pH range and is efficacious in both emulsion and surfactant based systems.

We continue to recognize the needs of the beauty care industry by listening to the distinct challenges of our clients. As traditional preservatives become increasingly out of favor, we are able to provide viable solutions that work” said David Plimpton, CEO of INOLEX. “With the recent establishment of a full-scale microbiology laboratory in Guangzhou, China, INOLEX is committed to becoming the leading destination for all alternative preservation ingredients for beauty care.“

The addition of Lexgard O-LO complements INOLEX’s alternative preservation portfolio, which currently includes 24 ingredients that allow for the creation of self-preserving or paraben free formulations to safeguard from microbial contamination. These alternative systems, multifunctional ingredients or combinations thereof, along with other formulation factors, can be utilized as a part of the Hurdle Technology, allowing for the creation of formulations without the inclusion of traditional preservatives

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