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- 03/20/2017

IRO-ODORI Jelly Eye Shadow presented at In-Cosmetics London Formulation Lab

H&PC Today

In-Cosmetics London Formulation Lab

On April 6, 2017 (13:00 – 14:00)

IRO-ODORI Jelly Eye Shadow


IRO-ODORI combines two Japanese words; “IRO” means color and “ODORI” means dance. When combined, it suggests a “dance of colors”. Our new formulations embody the concept of movement (whether it’ s a cooling water touch or a surprising water release) in color formulations through Japanese emulsion technology.

This formula is a twist in the conventional anhydrous eyeshadow formulas by incorporating quick-break technology to create a pleasant watery touch while maintaining the prerequisites of a good eyeshadow: color intensity, spread, and wear against sweat or sebum. The workshop will also provide insights about traditional Japanese culture of color.


Speaker: Yuki Yanagi from Cosmos Technical Center, NIKKOL GROUP

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