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- 02/17/2017

La Mesta announces the completion of a new multipurpose workshop dedicated to continuous process

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

As part of its strategy to develop new ways of making chemistry, La Mesta has just completed a key investment.

This new workshop will allow to transfer industrial existing productions from batch to continuous flow, reducing safety issues, environmental footprint and cost of production.

This investment dedicated to continuous industrial chemistry comes after more than 10 years of production using its proprietary Continuous Flow Reactor RAPTOR®. Over this period, La Mesta has produced in continuous more than 100 MT of different products involving highly exothermic, carbonylation, decarboxylation and phosgene reactions.

The first process transferred involves a specific highly exothermic reaction, including the work-up treatment in continuous (washing & decantation). By end 2017, a thin film evaporation capability will be added to the workshop in order to perform the distillation, in order to get the full integrated continuous process, starting from the raw material up to the distillated product.

By this investment, La Mesta opens a new area of its innovation strategy and confirms its position of worldwide leader in multipurpose Continuous Processes dedicated to Fine Chemistry.

At La Mesta, we have the perfect solution to handle hazardous reactions or to reduce the cost of production. By visiting our premises close to Nice-French Riviera, you will be able to see an elegant, innovative and efficient way to produce fine chemicals under GMP or non-GMP. Please contact us for more details.

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