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- 10/08/2020

LYCORED – Singing our hearts (and soil) out

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From highlighting the rich beauty of the earth that sustains us to exploring the potential of the amazing plants and nutrients that nourish us and caring for the communities that make us who we are, our friends at Lycored have been putting an extra focus on all that connects and sustains us this year.



A crash chorus of connection

For our 5th annual Heart + Soil Day, we celebrated the deep social and natural interconnectedness of all we do at Lycored with a global online sing along. Conducted in virtual Zoom workshops by London-based choir director, Dominic Stichbury, folks from around the world sang along to a song we commissioned called You Can’t Grow A Forest Without Seeds. The event shone a light on our shared bond to the earth while offering a way to creatively connect across the miles with body and soul.
If you weren’t able to participate, check out the compilation video and sing along at home to get your own dose of the harmony and community the event was all about. After all, if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that no one is truly a stranger. And there’s beauty to be found all around us: whether it’s getting in touch with nature’s healing beauty or joining in song with people just a few thousand miles away.