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- 05/02/2023


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Excess adiposity is maintained by systemic oxidative stress and chronic inflammation, particularly in visceral fat. Adipose tissue contributes to weight-related complications by impacting metabolism and immunity. Overeating and biological factors like insulin resistance and oxidative stress cause weight gain by storing calories (1).


Euromed’s Mediterranean fruit and vegetable extracts™ are obtained using eco-friendly technology with ultrapure water as the only solvent. These extracts promote cardiovascular health, weight management, and longevity due to their high content of plant phytochemicals, while offering a comprehensive strategy to address weight-related inflammation and oxidative stress holistically.


In a clinical trial in adults over 50, Spisar® spinach extract improved body composition by decreasing body fat and boosting muscle mass (2). ABAlife® fig fruit extract, standardized to abscisic acid (ABA), has been associated with improved glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity while modulating the metabolic activity of skeletal muscle. Additionally, ABAlife® has been linked to lower inflammation in visceral adipose tissue, making it a potent insulin-sensitizing compound that can play a role in addressing adiposity-related inflammation (3,4).


Pomanox® pomegranate fruit extract supports weight management by promoting satiety and curbing food intake (5), while improving body composition, blood pressure, and glucocorticoids, and increasing total antioxidant capacity (6). Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have been linked to reduced activation of the NF-κB pathway, which plays a role in excess adiposity-related inflammation and can help address oxidative stress (7-9). Moreover, a recently published in vitro study demonstrates the extract’s potential as an anti-inflammatory agent for the eyes, suggesting possible applications in the treatment of ocular inflammation (10).


Eriocitrin in Wellemon® lemon fruit extract provides increased antioxidant activity due to its superior solubility and bioavailability compared to hesperidin, another citrus flavanone (11). Wellemon® may help manage oxidative stress and inflammation through enhanced antioxidant activity.


Cynamed® artichoke extract raises bifidobacteria levels and stimulates short-chain fatty acid production (12), emphasizing the importance of gut health in addressing weight concerns and related complications. These extracts offer a comprehensive strategy for managing weight-related inflammation and oxidative stress while emphasizing the benefits of adopting a Mediterranean dietary pattern.


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