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- 07/14/2022

Microalgae for enhanced animal nutrition

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AstaReal launches premium feed-grade product NOVASTA® EB15 in the European market

Nacka (Sweden), July 2022 – AstaReal, the global pioneer in natural astaxanthin production and related research, has added to its portfolio of feed-grade products with its latest release NOVASTA® EB15. By providing natural astaxanthin for animal nutrition in encapsulated form, the launch opens up further possibilities for health-promoting feed applications. 

AstaReal NOVASTA® EB15 is a complementary product to NOVASTA® biomass designed to enhance animal health and well-being with natural astaxanthin, one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. NOVASTA® EB15 is pure algal flour, derived from microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis that in addition to natural astaxanthin contains valuable proteins, carbohydrates and essential fatty acids, as well as other carotenoids including lutein, beta-carotene, and canthaxanthin. This algal meal is encapsulated in fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil and consequently has improved stability. Encapsulation protects the power of astaxanthin even in challenging production processes such as for soft chews, pellets and other open formulations, which are more likely to be exposed to air.

NOVASTA® EB15 is suitable for pets such as cats or dogs, as well as livestock, competitive animals like racehorses, and in aquaculture, and can be added or mixed into feed. Natural astaxanthin has various health-promoting properties.

Healing power of nature

The effects of astaxanthin on animals’ health and wellbeing are impressive. Astaxanthin is known to support the survival of animals in harsh environmental conditions. Furthermore, scientific studies show that it aids immune defence, eye health, mobility, animal fertility and much more. For instance, in dogs, astaxanthin has been shown to significantly help with muscle recovery and improve inflammatory eye conditions. Other studies have proved its beneficial effects on livestock, where it helps to achieve greater yields e.g. by improving egg production in hens. Natural astaxanthin also benefits animals in competitive sports, for example, by lessening muscle fatigue in racehorses.

Peter Ahlm, Marketing & Sales Manager at AstaReal, says: “When it comes to aquaculture, agricultural farming and domestic pets, consumers are increasingly aware about their choice of animal feed and the impact it has on the well-being of animals. We at AstaReal hope to offer a key ingredient to the animal health market. That’s why we are excited to add a promising new product to our NOVASTA® range short after its first launch.”