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- 06/23/2017

 5 minutes interview with: Nikil Shah and Vinod Parab – LobaChemie

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Five minutes with: 

Nikil Shah, Managing Director and Vinod Parab, R&D, LobaChemie


How is the market going for you and what is driving it most?

As a new entry in the market of custom Synthesis and Research of intermediates and fine chemicals, we got a great welcome. Also being in the business of distribution of Research/Lab chemicals since the past 40 years; We have more than 4000 chemicals in stock at all times that work as raw materials for custom synthesis and R&D. Therefore when you need to start a new project such an amount of raw material gives us a unique edge upon anyone else. I do not know any company with such a type of integration. That is actually what drove us into the business custom Research and custom synthesis. we have also been recognized by the Indian government as a research company. This means we get a good amount of write off on our expenses made for R&D, but most importantly it means that when a customer walks in, they know we comply to a certain standard of research. We have developed about 40 molecules, and they are in all types of  fields, from dyes to pharma APIs, to animal nutrition, to LEDs.

Do you use flow chemistry?

We use flow chemistry for several reactions which are very difficult to handle, such as nitrations

, chlorinations. It helps us from a safety point of view.

You are an Indian company, but you work in several parts of the world. Are you keeping a focus on Asia, or are you looking globally?

We are not specifically focused on the Asian market. Our focus is worldwide. Europe would be a very large sector for us. In Europe our business is marketed by our agent Dr. Piero Massimo Iseppato (CEO) of Pharmabea s.r.l.

Whatever is the requirement from the customer, we can handle it.

What does LobaChemie offer that no one else can?

The combination of an R&D company with the stock of raw materials. It may not look like that at first, but it really is important. For us to get a raw resource to start a project is literally a matter of minutes. This gives us a definite advantage on the competition.

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