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- 05/22/2017

Novartis: a move toward the “new” with 350 jobs in high tech areas

Pharma Horizon

Novartis is planning to make a move towards the “new” to add 350 jobs in high tech, mainly in the biotech area, “development and innovative biologics manufacturing.” as it has been said in a statement on the company’s website.
However it will also cut or transfer around 500 traditional production and development jobs at Swiss sites over the next 18 months, which it might include closing production sites in Basel and at the Schweizerhalle industrial complex in canton Basel. Also according to Swissinfo part of the jobs will be trasfered to India.

This decision, says the company, is part of the “ongoing transition to an integrated operating model”  to strengthen innovation and enhance quality and efficiency worldwide and “The ongoing implementation of this model results in adjustments to employee numbers worldwide”.

The firm employs 13,000 people in Switzerland and a total of 118,000 in 155 countries. In 2016, it had a turnover of $48.5 billion. 

Novartis said discussions had begun with Swiss employee representatives. It said it would offer full support to all affected employees, from help looking for a new job to early retirement packages.