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ISSUE 3 / 2022 WW

Using sensory and consumer research to address supply chain disruptions

We are currently experiencing one of the largest challenges the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) industry has faced in recent years. At the 2022 Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) annual conference and expo, supply chain woes were identified as one of the largest hurdles currently facing the food industry. These concerns are not ... 

ISSUE 2 / 2022 WW

Consumer perceptions regarding Sustainable Innovative Products?

Sustainable innovative products, what does this mean? Industries are launching innovative products to reduce their carbon footprints and answer consumer concerns. The food industry is contributing by launching sustainable products. The trend with “plant-based products” has gained popularity over the last couple of years in Europe. Moreover pack novelty is made by modifying it to combine with the ... 

ISSUE 1 / 2022 WW

Resistance or resilience? A few thoughts two years after it all began

What has the ongoing pandemic taught the industrial world? A term we have heard over and over again, as an obsessive mantra, in these two years is that of "resilience", a word so abused of that, lately, hearing it often stirs a certain degree of impatience. The same thing, if you wish, also happened to other terms, like "sustainability", for instance. This is a word that we read everywhere today, used as a label you ... 

ISSUE 3 / 2021 WW

Dietary supplements: what has changed since the pandemic

The Corona virus pandemic has had a substantial influence on the lifestyle of many of us. The question is if and how these changes will be persistent, and we will return to a ‘new normal’, or if we return to the ‘old normal’. A search in Google Trends shows us that, not surprising, there was a surge in searches on ‘flu’, ‘immune’, ‘respiratory infection’ etc. in March 2020 (Figure). This correlates with a sharp increase ... 

ISSUE 2 / 2021 WW

CBD market perspective with natural vs synthetic

Since the end of the 20th century, hemp has been making a remarkable comeback and it now appears to be one of the most thriving and competitive agricultural and industrial markets worldwide. The cultivation of industrial hemp (from the Cannabis sativa L. species) is authorised under the EU Common Catalogue of Varieties of Agricultural Plant species (Reg. 1308/2013). Hemp is characterized by having high ... 

ISSUE 1 / 2021 WW

Will food consumption in the future be sustainable and based on awareness?

The pandemic that broke out in 2020 still makes the top news every day all over the world – it could not be otherwise - in all the media, be it newspapers, the tv or the web. All the other news covering anything but the pandemic seem to have vanished, with people getting the idea that "if nobody talks about ... 

ISSUE 1 / 2020 WW

Data Science, Aroma Chemicals

How do we feel when we gaze up at the summit of a high mountain? Our very existence is made up of horizons. Looking at a mountain peak horizon immediately makes you think to the challenge of climbing that mountain. We question whether we...