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- 02/03/2021

Nutrify India plans to mark International Nutrition Journalism Day on 5th February, 2021

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Nutrify India has decided to justifiably recognize the efforts of nutrition journalists who have been a substantial catalyst in shaping the nutraceutical sector globally. Nutrify India will celebrate their first anniversary on 5th February, 2021 as an International Nutrition Journalist Day. For each success that this industry gains, it leads to celebration and growth, but in the journey of success, nutrition journalists are often ignored. Nutrition journalists play a critical role in creating an ecosystem that connects this industry.

The nutraceuticals industry is grappling with its own challenges in rectifying the various loopholes in the system. Along with the support extended by ministries and policy makers, the community of journalists also work towards ensuring a balance in the industry. They act as a vital link that churns out stories that can give clear impressions of the progress of the ongoing developments. Through impeccable journalistic standards they have shaped the nutraceuticals sector globally.


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