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- 06/23/2017

5 minutes interview with: Oliver Rhode – WeChemGo

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

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Dr. Oliver Rhode, Founder & CEO, WeChemGo GmbH & Co. KG



Chemistry Today: WeChemGo is very young, having been founded only at the end of 2016. Can you tell us about it?

Rhode: I worked more than twenty years in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Some time ago I was at a fork in my life: should I decide to end my career in a big company or to do something new? I decided for the latter and so I founded WeChemGo, which is specialized in sourcing of critical raw materials for pharma and agrochemical.

CT: So how this adventure going?

Rhode: The start is very good.  I receive encouraging feedback here at ChemSpec, where we are presenting the company for the first time. There is more and more demand for raw materials in Europe that are increasingly difficult to find – mainly intermediates for agrochemicals or APIs. Furthermore, some clients have already an approved supplier but, due to mitigation of supply risk, they are looking for a second supplier.

CT: I see one of your first partnerships involves a Chinese company. Are you looking east?

Rhode: Indeed. The main area where we are sourcing raw materials is Asia: we are now focused on China but we are looking at both the Korean and Japanese markets. Our network there consists of senior local experts that also have a background in working with international companies, so we know what the European clients expect in terms of quality, compliance and documentation.

CT: What do you think of flow chemistry?

Rhode: We are observing this. The technology is known since a long time, and I’m excited to see the recent developments. It is not anymore a niche, and yet it is not mainstream. I hope it will become common, since it offers obvious advantages.

CT: What makes WeChemGo unique?

Rhode: The network of experts to identify the right manufacturer in Asia is one of our strong points. The sourcing process is also identical to the one we are familiar in Western Europe. We are also strong in  those niches where we can contribute our individual longtime expertise.