Continuous Flow Reactor Technology for Industrial Applications

In 2009, tks with Chimica Oggi – Chemistry Today was actually the first to organize worldwide a conference on Flow reactors that had been a hot topic for several decades. Different conferences were dealing with this technology but at a certain point it had a breakthrough in the field of industrial chemical synthesis and tks was a pioneer in widespreading the potentiality in this field.

The first event was held in Madrid and showcased the state of art of this technology which has been used for decades in the chemical industry but has started being adopted, more recently, also by the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries.

Then after the really big success of this first event, tks continued its mission to present real industrial case studies and create a professional networking. The following conferences in Paris, Como, Lisbon, Pisa, Budapest, Delft, Barcelona, Milan and Glasgow can be certainly seen as fundamental meeting events where the most important players and users of this technology gather yearly to discuss and share industrial applications.



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