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- 12/14/2016

Parabel’s high-tech facility producing 1000 tons of plant protein from water lentils in florida

AgroFOOD Industry Hi Tech

parabelParabel USA Inc, a producer of novel protein ingredients, commences production of LENTEIN in Florida. The new ingredient is extracted from water lentils – Lemnoideae – which has been described as the world’s most sustainable and complete food source. The protein rich plant is seen as an answer to supply issues for the food industry looking for healthy and sustainable alternatives to conventional ingredients. LENTEIN Complete is a fresh green powder that has been successfully formulated in protein powders used for sports drinks or meal replacements bars but also dry-mix goods. LENTEIN’s levels of Essential amino acids and BCAA’s are comparable to whey, higher than other plant proteins including soy and has a PDCAAS of .93. The ingredient contains other macro and micro nutrients notably Omega 3, antioxidants, calcium and lutein. Jaouad Fichtali, CTO of Parabel, says: “The technology permits extraction of various protein densities and delivery forms. We have an exciting pipeline including de-greened and protein isolate versions of LENTEIN. This will allow formulators to use LENTEIN the same way as they use other protein ingredients but with the benefit of being soy- lactose- and gluten free”.

For more information about Parabel visit or contact Cecilia Wittbjer,

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