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- 04/24/2024

PolyPeptide participates in industry effort to advance sustainability

Chimica Oggi-Chemistry Today

Increasing manufacturing volume requirements and the high process mass intensity (PMI) of peptide synthesis warrants continued industry efforts for more sustainable production processes. PolyPeptide collaborated with other members of the American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Pharmaceutical Roundtable (ACSGCIPR) to compile and analyze PMI metrics for 40 synthetic peptide processes at various development stages. This comprehensive data assessment revealed various concrete opportunities to optimize the environmental footprint by advancing manufacturing technologies.

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Published by American Chemical Society American Chemical Society (
Publication Date:March 20, 2024
Ivy Kekessie, Katarzyna Wegner, Isamir Martinez, Michael E. Kopach, Timothy D. White, Janine K. Tom, Martin N. Kenworthy, Fabrice Gallou, John Lopez, Stefan G. Koenig, Philippa R. Payne Philippa R. Payne Outsourced Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Development & Manufacturing, Gilead Alberta ULC, 1021 Hayter Rd NW, Edmonton, T6S 1A1, Canada More by Philippa R. Payne, Stefan Eissler, Balasubramanian Arumugam, Changfeng Li, Subha Mukherjee, Albert Isidro-Llobet, Olivier Ludemann-Hombourger, Paul Richardson, Jörg Kittelmann, Daniel Sejer Pedersen, and Leendert J. van den Bos