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- 06/21/2021

PREMIUM ORGANIC: Award winning ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™ (AHE) presents its innovative sustainable extraction concept.

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PREMIUM ORGANIC is pleased to announce, that its inflamm-aging active ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™ has been awarded 2nd Prize in the 19th European BSB Innovation Award 2021 in the category “Natural products/Innovative raw materials: Microbiome, disturbed skin and related ingredients”.
The jury regarding ALPIN HEILMOOR EXTRACT™: “High potential for normalizing the complexion. Excellent application possibilities.”

The 100% natural active AHE (INCI: Peat Extract) maintains and balances the skin microbiome and improves the skin barrier. Furthermore, it prevents inflammation, glycation and oxidative stress and promotes the skin’s own healing and repair capacity.

COSMOS- and NATRUE-certified, the versatile ingredient is excellent for multi-faceted, vegan and natural cosmetic & personal care products, especially but not exclusively for darker formulations.

Premium Organic now presents is pioneering, forward-looking and sustainable quarrying and production concept: GENTLE RENATURATION.


  • We preserve the moor’s CO2 reservoir by keeping the topsoil intact.
  • Extraction only takes place once a year for two weeks, which gives the Moor time to regenerate.
  • The quarrying process is gentle and minimal invasive, using only temporary construction roads and protective fleeces and always working in a hygienic and sterile manner to avoid contaminating the Heilmoor.
  • We already dewater the Moor on site and return this Moor water directly. The water management concept is completed by replenishing with natural spring water to keep the Heilmoor moist and thus healthy.
  • Resource-saving backfilling continues even after the (chemical free) production of AHE: all remaining material is also returned to the original Moor to conserve resources.
  • By creating Moor-biotopes at the quarrying sites, biodiversity is increased, both flora and fauna are reinforced, and the Moorland is revitalised.
  • This long-term quarrying plan, developed and constantly monitored by experts, enables a complete regeneration of the Heilmoor.


  • PREMIUM ORGANIC works as resource- and CO2-friendly as possible. In addition, we cooperate with initiatives to store more CO2 in these natural sites by rewetting formerly drained Moorlands.
  • For every 40kg of AHE sold, we invest in one to of CO2 certificates, so that our customers and their customers can benefit from our carbon footprint and help keeping this world a liveable place.