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- 08/27/2020

Probiotical launches gut-brain-axis products for the whole family ! Discover BifiZen® range

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The gut and the brain are constantly communicating through different pathways and the role of the microbiome in our behavior and mental health is increasingly recognized. A collaboration between Probiotical, the University of Verona and Microbion recently led to the publication of a clinical study showing the potential of specific probiotic strains, namely L. fermentum LF16, L. rhamnosus LR06, L. plantarum LP01 and B. longum 04 (BifiZen®), to support mental wellbeing (Marotta et al., 2019).

The supplementation for 6 weeks with BifiZen® led to significant decreases in sensibility to depression, anger and fatigue, compared to baseline and to the placebo group, in addition to a significant improvement in quality of sleep.

Probiotical further developed 5 food supplements based on BifiZen® strains associated with different recognized actives to support cognitive health for the whole family. Probiotical is an expert completely dedicated to probiotics since 35 years, driving innovation in the sector, and ever stronger on the development of probiotic-based finished products.

BifiZen® Stress is proposed for people with an active lifestyle and composed of actives shown to reduce anger, stress, anxiety and depression and can be supported by the EFSA claim contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal psychological function.

BifiZen® Night is formulated to improve the quality of sleep and can claim to contributing to the reduction of time to fall asleep and to the alleviation of the subjective feelings of jetlag, as well as contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

BifiZen® Focus is recommended for active people aiming at better mental performance, attention and memory, and can be the object of the European claim contributes to normal mental performance and to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

BifiZen® Age Well is targeted for seniors in the objective of improving mood, fatigue, sensibility to depression and cognition, indeed with the possibility of allegation regarding normal cognitive functions.

Finally, BifiZen® Kids is a natural solution thought for hyperactive kids based on just probiotics and a plant extract able to improve the symptoms of Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The range BifiZen® can be customized to adapt to your specific needs with different dosage forms possible and is specially well tailored to meet the current increased needs for anxiety management and mental wellbeing with natural, safe and well-researched ingredients.

Contact Probiotical’s team at for more information or visit us at Vitafoods in Geneva !


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