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- 05/19/2020

Protecting Europe’s plants: pest survey cards go digital

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The first batch of EFSA’s plant pest survey cards are now available in an easy-to-use interactive format. Ten of the existing 28 cards – which are designed to help EU Member States plan their annual survey of quarantine pests – have been published as “story maps” on EFSA’s website. They are smartphone-compatible.

The cards contain material that is essential for carrying out surveys that conform to current international standards, such as up-to-date information on the pest’s distribution, its host range, its biology and risk factors, as well as available detection and identification methods.

They are part of a plant pest surveillance toolkit that consists of pest‐specific documents, such as the survey cards, and documents that are relevant for all pests, including general survey guidelines and information on appropriate software.

Sybren Vos, from EFSA’s plant health team, said: “Systematic, harmonised surveillance is a fundamental component of the EU’s efforts to combat emerging plant pests. These survey cards, along with the workshops we have been holding with our partners in individual Member States, are key to establishing robust, coordinated surveillance activities across Europe.”

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